Our Viña Querel

Viña Querel, a wine with history.

Etienne Querel was my grandfather on my mother’s side; he tended a small vineyard in Lisle surTarn, in the wine region of Gaillac in the South-Westof France.

My father, Raymond Deymier owned and ran “Les Caves Du Parc”, marketing and selling his wine across France. During my teen-age years I lived at the rhythm of the holidays in Lisle sur Tarn, of the grape harvesting time, and of my studies at l’école hôtelière deToulouse, the Toulouse hotel-school.

Since 1971 I live on Mallorca and spent the last fourty years in the restaurant business. In 1973 my wife and I opened the Restaurant Ibiza; in 1978 we took over, then bought, the Restaurant Se Sivina, the emblematic, first, and oldest restaurant in Cala d’Or; in 1988 I created the Port Petit.

After that, I thought it was time to buy some land, plant some vines, tend to them, turn them in a vineyard, and finally try to produce a wine worthy of my father and of my grandfather whose name, Querel, I now use.

Still in agreement with my wife Loulou Vandelac, the dream came true in December 2007when I boughtSes Serres in the village of S’Alqueria Blanca. It was a dry land, but well oriented facing South, with an old run-down hundred year old farm-house which had long been waiting for better times.

In March 2008, we cleared the farm of a few old almond trees, we broke the land and prepared it to plant some 3 000 Cabernet and Merlot vine-stocks.

Tenaciously and with the help of a great professional, Luis Armero, the first vintage of the roséFlor de Cerezo wasborn in December 2010. It is an original wine with a new colour and savour in the Balearics. This first harvest has opened a new path and given me great hope. In 2011 we have bettered the Flor de Cerezo, making it much more light andsprightly.

That same year the Petit Blanc was born. It is made of three varieties of wine : of Chardonnay and of Prensal produced in Felanitx and of Malvoisie harvested in Santanyi.

The combination of the three varieties in the Petit Blanc yields an original wine, fresh in the mouth with a very personal touch full of sun.

These two wines have answered my hopes, they are here to celebrate summer, the sea, family, and great meals; they are here to merrily second the dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine we enjoy so much.